Degrees and Courses:
2013 - Teaching Registration, Swedish primary and secondary school
2007 - Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 15 ECTS, Karlstad University
2006 - Course for Supervisors in Postgraduate Education, Karlstad University
2001 - PhD, Educational Sciences. An ethnographic study on Swedish fourth graders’ information seeking on the Internet at school.
2005 - BA, Psychology, Karlstad University (courses finished in 1996)
1983 - Elementary school teacher (grades 4-6), Karlstad University College

2019-- - Professor in Educational Work at Karlstad University.  
2017 (Jan) - 2019 (Dec)
 - Head of subject, Educational work, Department of Educational Studies at Karlstad University. Strategic leadership for the development of the subject Educational Work within the university.
2014 (Jul) -2016 (Dec) - Associate Dean of The Faculty Board of Teacher Education at Karlstad University. 
2008 (Aug) -2009 (Jul)
- Analyst, OECD/CERI, Paris. Part of the project New Millennium Learners, mapping ICT-initiatives in teacher education in the OECD-countries. Partly financed by The Knowledge Foundation , Sweden.
2004-2008 (Jan) - Post Doc position, Interactive Institute, Stockholm/Kista. My research project was Tweens in virtual communities. Interactive Institute aims to produce world leading ICT research and several employees are therefore international. Working languages are Swedish and English. Due to reorganisation in 2006, I spent my last two years as post doc back at Karlstad University, and then finished my book on how to teach information seeking on the Internet. Like the post graduate research post, this post was also financed by The Knowledge Foundation and LearnIT.
2003-- - Associate Professor in Educational Sciences with focus on ICT and school, Karlstad University. October 2010 - Docent.
2001-2002 - Researcher and lecturer, Karlstad University. Part time funding from The Swedish Research Council. Exchange with South African teacher education in Eastern Cape.
1997-2001 - Position as a doctoral student at Karlstad University College, which during this period became Karlstad University. The post was financed by the Knowledge Foundation  and was a part of the research program LearnIT. The thesis was finished 6 months before funding was finished, which gave me the opportunity to work on applications for further funding and to start follow-up studies.
1997 - Teacher in teacher education, Karlstad University. Part time while being a doctoral student at Gothenburg University.
1996 - Project leader, Children’s Health, Public Health, Värmland. The assignment was to research and write a report on reasons for young men’s mortality in the province. Responsibilities also included supporting colleagues in using the statistical software SPSS.
1991-1992 - Teacher and headmaster, Ecole Suèdoise, Pointe Noire, Rep. du Congo. The work included co-operation with the American and the French schools in Pointe Noire.
1977-1994 - Teacher in Swedish compulsory school, Sunne and Forshaga Municipalities. All levels and subjects, mainly teaching in primary school, but also teaching at secondary level, supervising teacher students, and management.

Other relevant experiences:
2022–2023 - High Level expert in the project Policy options for digital education content in the EU (Responsible Ecorys)
2019 – Member of Review Panel Learning and Communication, Swedish Research Council.
2011-- - Responsible for the development of the quality of student teachers’ independent projects/minor theses at the Department of Educational Studies at Karlstad University. I am also part of an interdisciplinary group at the university working with the same aim. During 2011 and 2012, I am one of two representatives in a group of teacher educators from the universities in Karlstad, Örebro, Mälardalen and Dalarna developing the criteria for the independent projects in order to match better the demands from the new teacher education.
2009-2011 - Volunteering a couple of hours/week in a class with Swedish 4th–6th graders working with digital media.
- Assistant supervisor for two doctoral students. Both of them have finished their licentiate degree; one of them in November 2006 and the other one in March 2008.
2001-- - Active in The Nordic Child Culture Research Network –
BIN, which gathers researchers from different disciplines within the field of child research
1999-- - Instrumental in implementing ICT in teacher education at Karlstad University at different levels. I initiated and worked in an interdisciplinary group supported by the faculty. I was responsible for workshops on ICT for colleagues at our department in 2003; an initiative taken by me and three colleagues. The workshops covered everything from sending e-mails to knowledge about young people’s net cultures. From September 2007 until I left for the OECD, I was part of a co-operative project with the teacher educations in Umeå and Linköping: P@rableProject (P_Rocess based Assessment through Blended Learning). It is funded by The Swedish Agency for Networks and Co-operation in Higher Education. Since 2017, one of two responsible for gathering researchers at the university doing research about teaching with and about digital tools (UNDIG)
1999-2003 - ITiS – IT I Skolan (ICT in School) - A nationwide governmental project aiming to increase the use of ICT in Swedish schools. I conducted numerous seminars at various local schools. Also, I had the opportunity to be one of the Swedish representatives when the Ministry of Education made a presentation of the project in New York City in November 2002. Another goal of the trip to New York was to create an exchange between schools, teacher educations and research.